Would you like to write erotic fiction

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These stories can be anything from erotic microfiction to full-length erotica novels. And there are things you need to know about this genre before you dive in. Find your tribe and learn from them. Unlike porn, good erotica has well-developed characters the reader can relate to — and stories that hook them from the start and keep them reading. Erotica as a genre still prioritizes character development and plot above the actual sex that happens.

Like fantasy, the point of erotica is not to recreate realistic encounters.

Would you like to write erotic fiction

The best way to get started writing erotica is to build familiarity with the best examples of it. In other words, read the kind of books you want to write. There are plenty of groups online — on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. some of these groups and actively participate in them with questions, supportive comments, etc.

Use dedicated Google docs, Word docs, or private journal entries to practice writing erotica for yourself. Or make stuff up. A brief snapshot of random strangers on the bus, on the street, in the store, etc. Just post it, share it, and get some feedback on it, ideally from readers and writers of erotica. Learn from the most helpful feedback and keep practicing. Keep putting your work out there. If you enjoy writing short, sexy pieces, you can quickly build a name for yourself on Wattpad or with your own erotic fiction blog. Post short stories for your visitors to read, and share them on social media.

Would you like to write erotic fiction

In whatever genre you write, being a successful author means taking risks. The same goes for straight romance vs. Go with what you honestly prefer. And to get familiar, you need to do the research. Oh, the agony. Then make a list and start reading. You want it to sweep your reader away.

Would you like to write erotic fiction

You want description to be evocative and even graphic — but not tasteless or misogynistic. So, steer clear of euphemisms that make readers cringe. Not sure what I mean? In short, yes, you can get paid to write erotica. Anything that stays in the top 10, on Amazon for the Kindle copy is probably selling around copies per month, according to the Jungle Scout calculator.

Then, if their work appeals to you, read some of their novels. Fortunately, KDP makes it easy to self-publish your book in both Kindle and paperback formats. Other platforms like Smashwords and Direct2Digital also make it easy to get your work out there.

Now that you know how to write erotic fiction, is there a type of erotica that particularly appeals to you? We learn by doing, after all. We learn to write better by writing more and by learning from those who are further along in their writing careers than we are.

Welcome to the Authority Pub guide on how to write good erotica. What is Erotica? Publishing Erotica. Find and read high-quality, best-selling erotica. Participate in groups for erotica writers and readers to learn from them.

Practice writing for yourself share it only if you want to. Practice writing for others. Some people you meet will make assumptions about you as an author of erotica. After learning how to write erotica, you might not sell any of your own.

De an avatar for your ideal reader what they like, etc. Read best-selling erotica already written for that reader. Frequent and actively participate in erotica groups online. Write every day if possible or as close to that as you can.

Would you like to write erotic fiction

Carefully craft your main characters. Give them a past. Create a basic plot with an exciting romantic conflict. Outline your story from the opening scene hook to the climax and resolution. Write your story, with particular attention to the sex scenes. Make sure the sex is consensual. Avoid disgusting or laughable euphemisms for sex or private parts. Pin

Would you like to write erotic fiction

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Writing Erotic Fiction is Hard Work