Women want sex Carroll

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Feb 6, 0. Lori and Bob Hollander are a husband-wife team of relationship counselors who believe that sex is about playing, relaxing, letting go and having fun.

Women want sex Carroll

If life was as uncomplicated as it seems in commercials, the key to having sex would come in the form of a little blue pill. Alas, for many people it is not just about ability, but it can also be a matter of desire, or how much you and your partner want to cast aside all of your clothing and many of your inhibitions. And it is not just that the loss of sexual desire is the most common sexual problem, according to Jennifer Barsky Reese, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Those reasons can range from the physical to the psychological, and can stem from difficulties in a relationship and the daily stresses of life. Sex is about playing, about relaxing and letting go and having fun. And if you talk to couples after they get married and have kids, how much fun do they have? There are so many different kinds of touch.

It becomes sex, as opposed to lovemaking. People also have to do things differently and get out of their Women want sex Carroll. Those issues need to be worked through before focusing on the sexual aspect of a relationship, she said. And a healthy relationship in general can lead to a healthy sexual relationship, according to Bob Hollander.

She feels like an object and moves away, the man feels rejected, and men at that point can feel as if they only way they can love is to have sex, and they will sometimes have an affair.

Women want sex Carroll

A diminished sex drive may not be due to the state of the relationship, though. Because there are so many potential causes, it is important to undergo a thorough assessment. Certain medications, such as antidepressants, are one cause. Another is depression itself. Physically, sexual dysfunctions — such as pain, an inability to enjoy sex or Women want sex Carroll an orgasm, ejaculatory control problems or being unable to have an erection — can contribute to a lack of desire. Self-consciousness plays a role, too. Part of this is physiological because the heart and circulation are working more effectively, but the other part is psychological.

The heart and circulation truly can play an important role, as can other conditions, according to Dr. Marc Leavey, a primary care physician at Lutherville Personal Physicians. Along with the research he has done in the field, Leavey cites an expertise gleaned from 41 years of marriage. There is a reason why drugs such as that famed little blue pill Viagraas well as Cialis and Levitra, give men a better erection — Viagra was originally researched as a heart drug that opened up blood vessels and made circulation better.

The same can be said for women, as their sexual response is triggered by increased blood flow to the vaginal wall and clitoris.

Women want sex Carroll

The keys, the experts said, are to work on whatever the issue or issues might be, communicate with your partner, and be open to trying new or different things. Actions are also important, Lori Hollander said. Sometimes, however, a lack of sex can occur because a couple has other problems to contend with. What is Love? But Not Forever. Search for:. Upcoming Events Jun. For ages 0 ! One program. All ages. How to earn points: read books, submit written or picture reviews, complete activities. Finish the program and receive a[ We are proud of our exhibitors, entertainment, animal shows, food, and, exhibits.

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Women want sex Carroll

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