Women to date Helena

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Helena Dalli is the first European Commissioner for Equality. She was appointed to the post after a longstanding career in politics in Malta, both as a parliamentarian and a minister of portfolios including industrial relations, equality and social dialogue. Entering politics at a young age, Helena Dalli was driven by a desire to contest inequalities and discrimination.

She was just 16 when a senior politician asked her a provocative question: Instead of just complaining about inequalities, what did she intend to do about them? From the youth movement of her political party in Malta, she moved up the ranks with determination, knowing that she had to attain a certain level of experience and clout to successfully push for change. Her position today, as the first Commissioner for Equality for the European Commission, is a pinnacle of sorts.

What a better world it would be if every person could live and learn and work and use all that they have.

Women to date Helena

Women to date Helena will all gain from this human capital, if we eliminate discrimination and concentrate our endeavors towards a fair and equal world. Dr Dalli has always taken her work seriously. Early in her career, she wondered why there was such a need for adopting quotas to help women move into leadership roles. She assumed that working hard would be enough. When she was first elected to Parliament, it was from a district that since has always elected a woman parliamentarian. I understood what needed to happen to reduce burdens for young women starting a family and a career in public life.

Because of her perseverance, Dr Dalli made it through and has gone on to use her experiences in politics to advance childcare regulations for government institutions and private businesses. She is not surprised that for many women, the struggle to balance work and family still ends up with the choice of leaving the workforce. In Malta, when free childcare for working parents and parents in school was introduced, the share of women in the labour market rose exponentially.

The disparity has emerged even more sharply during the pandemic, with people confined at home, and the burden of unpaid care work increasing exponentially.

Women to date Helena

Equal sharing should be the norm, supported by affordable and high-quality care services. In the family it needs to be shared, while in society it needs to be recognized and adequately compensated.

Women to date Helena

Developing the legislation also set new standards for inclusive consultation, with government working hand in hand with NGO activists. She made similar strides at the European Commission, leading to the adoption of its first LGBTIQ strategy as well as the Gender Equality Strategy and the strategic framework on Roma equality, inclusion and participation in Currently she concluded work on a new strategy for persons with disabilities.

All of these plans have one aim: concrete. The idea emerged from her commitment to combatting stereotypes, which continue to restrict women and girls from studying science or working in related fields. She also stresses that while legislation is a foundation for greater equality, changing mindsets sustains progress over time, a process unfolding on many levels.

I think that is very good. They can aspire to be scientists and astronauts, not queens and princesses! We are all increasingly aware that this pandemic has highlighted many issues which need to be tackled. As the world is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action through the Generation Equality Forum, a series of Action Coalitions have formed, including one co-led by the European Commission on gender-based violence.

Women to date Helena

Rates have skyrocketed in many countries during lockdowns imposed to respond to the pandemic. Participation of women in all decision-making is an important pre-condition for gender-sensitive policies. On this and other issues, Dr Dalli sees the pandemic as an opportunity to catalyze change.

Proof comes from history, she explains, describing how women streamed into jobs ly held only by men after the Spanish flu pandemic.

Women to date Helena

Dr Dalli has successfully backed EU policy guidance urging countries to adopt gender-sensitive recovery packages that cover such issues. She also remains determined to call for equal s of women in leadership and decision-making roles, in public health and everywhere else, even if this is realistically a long-term goal.

If she could change one thing above everything else, it would be equality for everyone — her goal in the beginning and one that remains to this day. In between, I want equality for all. Equality everywhere. Generation Equality has the answers! For the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, we asked 25 women to probe still hidden issues and share inspiring ideas on getting transformation going, for good.

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Women to date Helena

Photo: European Commission. When entered politics, Helena Dalli was driven by a desire to contest inequalities and discrimination. Helena Dalli was instrumental in establishing the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, commemorated each year on 11 February. Photo: Personal archives.

Women to date Helena

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