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It's that time of year, the annual official Plymouth Sexy List is back - and bigger than ever before. It's that time of year where the annual PlymouthLive Sexy List is back. This year there were so many incredible people who prove beauty is not only skin-deep, which meant the list expanded quite a bit with kind-hearted, brave and confident locals. In total, there are 65 men and 65 women, from Laira to Los Angeles, film stars to charity workers, footballers and mental health advocates, we've scoured the city to find Plymouth's sexiest souls. : Janner Dictionary - the words you only know if you're from Plymuff.

The Sexy List isn't just about what's on Sexy live Plymouth outside, it is about celebrating those who display bravery, confidence, kindness, ambition and pride, which truly defines the word 'sexy'. Many of these men and women also help others get to their best self and some even went above and beyond during the lockdown. The sexy list is compiled individuals, made up of the humble and the famous, the young and the old - and it's likely you will know a few of them.

Of course there are many 'sexy' people in the city, so leave your suggestions in the comments below and perhaps we'll extend this to the Hot He's been shot, stabbed and set on fire, but those traumatic events made Wes Grant indestructible and able to deal with anything that was thrown his way. The unbreakable former Plymouth Royal Marine has had more than his fair share of disasters, including a "lucky" stroke and heart attack, which helped him find his soul mate.

Sexy live Plymouth

The year-old, who now lives in Plymstockgrew up in South Africa throughout the apartheid years, which he admits exposed him to a lot of things that would be traumatic to the average person. She bravely shared her story when she applied for Face of Plymouth and sailed through to the final. The Devonport neighbourhood officer, who used to work as protection detective investigating sickening offences against children, has frequently made use Sexy live Plymouth Twitter to highlight policing as well as the effects it can have on officers.

He was brutally honest about his own emotional difficulties after years of dealing with utterly appalling offences involving children being abused. During an interview with the BBC he candidly spoke about how after being tasked with the job to tell someone that had hanged themselveshe reached out for help and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PC Baird later returned to duties policing and unexpectedly became something of a Twitter voice for policing with his passionate messages gaining favour across the country.

He has since been recognised for his constructive approach in dealing with young Black Lives Matters supporters. She had always dreamt of opening her very own shop after spending ten years working in retail, gaining a passion for helping others feel confident in buying and wearing clothes. But she finally made that dream a reality last year, with Danni making it her mission to help others find clothing they feel good in.

Plymouth man Warren Jones has launched a quirky new breakfast and brunch delivery business - and who doesn't love breakfast delivered to your door. With concerns over the stability of his job after lockdown, Warren decided to bite the bullet and run his own business, which launched on Father's Day. Beautiful Amber has used her time in the lockdown to create a brand new food concept for the city - and the boards even look sexy.

The year-old launched Hello Grazing as she has always had a love for baking. She stumbled across a similar business from the north, which specialise in grazing - a platter similar to a cheese board that is loaded with small bites, inspiring her to launch her own business. Busiku Simakoloyi and business partner Johnny Jenkins have shown just how successful you can be if you put your mind to it.

The young entrepreneurs are now bossing the fitness fashion world - and even have Olympians and Instagram influencers raving about their super comfy clothing. Plymouth-born European diving champ and Commonwealth Games silver medallist, Tonia Couchhas been wearing outfits from Busiku and Johnny's brand BuzzPhysiqueformed only in Glamorous businesswoman Jaime Dickson bagged the accolade as one of the best beauty salons in the UK - before she even opened.

It meant the beauty lover wasn't able to throw open the doors of her dream salon - yet she was amazed to be contacted by the Telegraph to be featured in their top beauty salons list. The year-old has been a Coastguard Rescue Officer with the Plymouth Coastguard for around five years.

Once he was preparing for a first date and his r let out a high-pitched alarm, but he still managed to attend the incident and get back to his date in time. Gorgeous Katie, a young trainee doctor, was determined to get fit to improve her health and make it easier for her in her future career. Katie, who is a keen Netball player, has noticed a drastic improvement in her sporting ability and can now lift heavy weights.

Super-fit personal trainer and ex-teacher, Ryan Conroy, kept kids entertained through the lockdown, rivaling Joe Wicks' workout Sexy live Plymouth. Ryan also formed baby loss charity Luna's fund with wife Aimee in memory of their daughter and helps provide support to other families who may need it. Her positivity is so inspiring that her story, which aimed to Sexy live Plymouth awareness of all hidden conditions, touched dozens of people all over the globe. Charlotte used some of her worst life experiences as an example to highlight important matters, such as discrimination, encouraging others to think about their actions.

Not only is Barney Wills great at putting on a show, such as his popular lockdown home workout video, he will always go the extra mile to help someone out. In JanuaryTracey Needham weighed 19st and found her health and confidence suffering due to her weight, so she took the plunge and ed up to her first Slimming World class. The mother-of-one lost a remarkable 7st in just under two years in November and has maintained her weight. Last year he opened Club 27, described as a place for the "forgotten people".

This 'Diamond Geezer' goes out of his way to make his friends and customers feel special and always creates a great atmosphere at Club 27 with his 10, strong record collection. Not only is he the owner, he's the barman, doorman, cleaner, taxi wrangler and all round great guy. Jennifer is a support worker from Plymouth, passionate about live music and mental health and won the prestigious Face of Plymouth title.

In her job, she has became aware of the variety of social activities for those with additional needs, and is keen on highlighting these activities. When Jennifer entered the competition, she said she wanted to use the platform "to help people" and she has now gone on to develop her photograph skills, helping other budding models build their portfolios. She Sexy live Plymouth uses her skills to highlight important issues, such as the racial abuse some have suffered in our city. He's the youngest member of the Plymouth Coastguard team and spent his 20th birthday on three call-outs.

He also located a missing forces veteran amid torrential weather - top work Jake.

Sexy live Plymouth

Gabriela Blukacz, better known as GabiFaye has gained thousands of TikTok followers for her quirky videos. The year-old is currently studying creative media production at City College Plymouth and is working on starting a talent agency with her boyfriend, Kamran Sankey - who films all of her videos.

Sexy live Plymouth

Not only is Sammy Sexy live Plymouth the Face of Plymouthhe bagged the 'best door person' award after being picked at the Best Bar None awards last year. The PARC officer even ditched his ature beard to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity and he also helps raise awareness and funds for homelessness. And if that wasn't impressive enough, the former Royal Marine can also play the piano. The year-old acting student has hopes to secure the prestigious crown for Miss British Isleswhich she has been entered into after winning the local competition. From teaching kids in schools about the importance of bees to humans, to reaching new heights - literally - by placing hives at the top of some of Plymouth's iconic buildings, Matthew and Owen hope everything they're doing will prevent pollinator decline and help safeguard the future for everyone on the planet.

A brave mum and daughter duo are using a traumatic experience to help others, mainly ensuring they feel beautiful. Ruth Branagh was told she had breast cancer in Julyleaving her and her daughter Jemima Ellis in an "unstoppable spiral of confusion, anger, fear and hopelessness". Jemima was in her late teens at the time of her mum's diagnosis and whilst grief and shock hit her initially, she admits that after a few days she "felt strangely optimistic" after searching on Google and ing up to help forums. Last year Jemima has gave up her job to care for her mum due to complications throughout her treatment - but started a new venture with Ruth at the centre.

Sexy live Plymouth

The year-old witnessed her mum's struggles throughout treatment, with clothing and underwear being one of the areas that Ruth felt most uncomfortable. Jemima decided to try and come up with products that would not only help her mum, but other women that are going through treatment and that is how ELAN Lingerie was created. ELAN, which means to have style and energy, specialises in underwear for women who have surgery for breast cancer and Ruth has a huge input.

Inthe young band won a competition to be added to the all-star Ocean City Sounds line-up and play in front of thousands of people. Two years on, the talented quadruplet, made up of Charlie Noordeweir, Ben Andrew, Tom Booth, Max Williams and Harry Youngs, have used their first official single to send out a serious message to listeners of a similar age, after the tragic passing of their friend. Isla "survived and kicked cancers ass" and now is studying to become a nurse to help others.

She also works part time as a support worker for disabled young adults fundraises for Clic Sargent and Cancer Research UK. From St Budeaux to sharing a stage with Ed Sheeran, not many Plymothian's can say they've had that pleasure. Jamie Lawson moved the popular singer to tears with his hit, Wasn't Expecting That and went on to be the first artist that Ed ed to his record label, Gingerbread Man.

The former Tamarside Secondary School pupil also has more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify. Don't be distracted by the famous faces on stage because everyone that works there knows that Sadie is the real star of the show. The hostess with the mostest is one of the establishments longest serving staff members and has been a key part of the team for over 30 years. Despite the venues temporary closure, Sadie shows no s of slowing down and the ushers can't wait to see her jiving in the aisles once more, back where she belongs.

Gary Brown landed the fourth spot in the Face of Plymouth competition and wanted to show people "this modelling lark isn't just for the young ones". Stunning model and influencer Jess Hunt has made a name for herself in the fashion world. The Plymouth-born beauty, who once worked for Plymouth Sexy live Plymouth Council, is now touring the world and working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. She has amassed a whoppingfollowers on Instagram and more recently, launched her first collection with Pretty Little Thing.

Plymouth man Craig Harrison runs the Plymouth branch of Andy's Man Club which provides a 'great supportive environment' for men experiencing any kind of issue or feeling, members say. The group is a network for men across the UK Sexy live Plymouth talk about their mood and mental health in a non-judgemental and open way. Craig has encouraged men across the city to reach out for help and has bravely shared his own mental health battle. The woman responsible for creating one of the biggest Facebook groups in Plymouth, Gillian Nair has brought the female community together.

Gillian set up Plymouth Gossip Girls in The group is a private, women's onlyand filled with local women who empower, support and provide advice to each other. Louis Parsons has bravely shared his struggles with appearance in the social media age, encouraging others to speak out about their struggles. He aims to "break the silence of 'picture perfect' primarily for men on social media".

She's shed a whopping 7st herself and is now helping others feel their best and at their most confident. The incredibly dreamy musician has thousands of followers around the globe and inwas nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. He has belonged to several music ensembles over the years, including one with his two brothers, Sam and Sean. Inthe former Commander was seriously injured stepped on an IED. As a result of the explosion, Ormrod had to have both his legs and his right arm amputated. Despite everything that has happened to him, Mark has succeeded in becoming an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, a peak performance coach, mentor and an award-winning author.

Shelby has recently been sharing her emotional pregnancy journey with her followers and it is beautiful to see her blossom. She has openly spoke about the terrible bullying she was subject to during her teenage years in a bid to help others speak out and realise that it is a common problem among schoolchildren.

The paid announced they were expecting a baby in May and Sexy live Plymouth later revealed to fans in an adorable video at their gender reveal party that Shelby was carrying a baby boy.

Sexy live Plymouth

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