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Formatting necessary for an accurate reading of this text may be shown by tags e. For complete and accurate display of this text, see the PDF. Alert: For a better experience on Congress. All in Senate section Prev 17 of 51 Next. The Senator from Oklahoma. Amendment No. President, I call up amendment No. Without objection, the pending amendment is set aside. The clerk will report the amendment.

The assistant legislative clerk read as follows: The Senator from Oklahoma [Mr. Coburn] proposes an amendment No. President, I ask unanimous consent that reading of the amendment be dispensed with.

Seeking hot tweekers

Without objection, it is so ordered. The amendment is as follows: Purpose: To eliminate the funding for the Advanced Technology Program and increase the funding available for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, community oriented policing service, and State and local law enforcement assistance Onbetween lines 9 and 10, insert the following: Sec.

President, this is an amendment to start us down the way of reprioritizing our spending in this country. With the events of the last 2 weeks, the tremendous deficit we face already, and the ificant problems we face in this country, especially in terms of methamphetamine, the Weather Service, and the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, this is an amendment that will eliminate the Advanced Technology Program. There is no question that the ATP has done some good in its history.

Seeking hot tweekers

But there has come a time when we need to make decisions. One of the things I have been consistent on in terms of my time in the Senate is insisting that we start reprioritizing the things that work and the things that do not work. I will not demean some of the positive things that have come from this program. There is no question certain positive things have come from it. ATP is supposed to be the source of last resort on technology.

I have put up a chart to show the American people who has actually been getting the funding. It has not been small businessmen. Seeking hot tweekers has not been new ideas, innovation coming from small entrepreneurs. What it has been for is the major corporations in this country that have billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of sales every year, and billions in profits.

The fact is, good ideas will usually get funded. There is venture capital all across this country looking for good ideas, private capital that will fund great ideas. In this time Seeking hot tweekers fiscal constraint, it is time we reprioritize what we do with this money. This amendment is intended to take the savings from ATP and put it in three different programs. One of the programs is the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants Program, which is markedly needed today in terms of drug courts, in terms of drug busts, in terms of helping the district attorneys and State attorneys general accomplish the very laws we put on the books in front of them.

There has never been a more devastating drug to our society than methamphetamine. It is growing like wildfire. As a matter of fact, attached to this bill is a methamphetamine bill that limits and restricts the sale of pseudoephedrine throughout this country. It is a compromise worked out by many of us on the Judiciary Committee, along with Senator Talent and Senator Feinstein, to put the brakes on the accessibility of pseudoephedrine in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

It also helps fund the National Weather Service for two hurricane and tornado monitoring and broadcast programs. Goodness knows, we need that. I can understand his desire to support that. But I would also note that methamphetamine is a growing epidemic in Michigan.

Seeking hot tweekers

Law enforcement and the Hot Spots Program to fund the breaking down, the taking of children out of areas that have been exposed to this tremendously derelict drug that is infecting and ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans is important.

It is interesting to note, also, that many of those who oppose this bill are the ones who seek and have received the most in terms of the grants from the ATP program. ATP was created by Congress in to improve the global competitive position of high-tech industries in the United States. Very few of Seeking hot tweekers things that came out of that ATP program ed for the tremendous resurgence in the economic activities of the s.

Very few of the things have come out of the ATP program, although there have been some. But they also have venture capital funding that would have funded that research anyway. Many of the program's most vocal supporters believe without Federal funding provided by ATP, countless research projects would receive no money at all, and that ATP exists to remedy the failure of the market to fund research and development.

There is no evidence, however, that would support those claims. Time after time, ATP has been shown to fund initiatives that have already been undertaken by the private sector. Year after year, multibillion-dollar corporations, as noted here, receive millions of dollars from ATP. Regarding the claim that ATP primarily funds research that does not already exist in the private sector, the U.

Government ability Office found in a report ATP-funded research on handwriting recognition that began in the private sector in Furthermore, according to a program assessment and rating tool used by the Office of Management and Budget, ATP does not address a specific need and is not deed to make a unique contribution. The Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants, the Bureau of Justice Assistance provides leadership and guidance on crime control Seeking hot tweekers violence prevention and works in partnership with State and local governments to make communities safe and improve the criminal justice system.

The JAG Program allows States and local governments to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime and to improve the criminal justice system. The program focuses specifically on six separate purpose areas: law enforcement programs; prosecution and court programs; prevention and educational programs; correction and community correction programs; drug treatment programs; planning, evaluation, and technology improvement.

I want Seeking hot tweekers tell you, as a physician, incarceration does not solve drug addiction. It makes it worse. Drug treatment programs solve drug addictions. If we are going to cut the money going to drug treatment programs, we are making a vital mistake, a mistake we will pay additional dollars for in the years to come. This distribution continues under the JAG Program. The community-oriented policing services' Methamphetamine Hot Spots Program address a broad array of law enforcement initiatives pertaining to the investigation of methamphetamine trafficking in heavily affected areas of the country.

This is the largest growing area of drug abuse in our country. It has a tremendous impact not only on the drug user but on their families because of the danger associated with it. We have seen a marked increase of infants who are delivered whose mothers are addicted to methamphetamine with tremendous negative consequences. The letter asked Congress to restore the reductions in these law enforcement programs to a level that allows the States to build on the of the past, law enforcement partnerships represented by the Byrne JAG and COPS Programs.

I will not go into the National Weather Service. President, I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the Record a fact sheet on Ohio, an article by the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the meth epidemic striking Ohio, a fact sheet on Virginia, and a fact sheet on Minnesota. There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows: Ohio Fact Sheet--Coburn Amendment to H.

Even though ATP was created to fund research that cannot attract private financing, a Government ability Office study found that 63 percent of ATP grant recipients never even sought private financing. Quite simply, ATP funnels taxpayer money to billion dollar corporations that do not need government subsidies for research and development.

The Methamphetamine Hot Spots program, part of COPS, addresses a broad array of law enforcement initiatives pertaining to the investigation of methamphetamine use and trafficking, trains law enforcement officials, collects intelligence, and works to discover, interdict, and dismantle clandestine drug laboratories. This amendment would ensure that this program receives the funding it needs to tackle the serious problems associated with methamphetamine use Seeking hot tweekers distribution. This amendment also increases funding for the National Weather Service, and directs the additional funding towards the Inland and Coastal Hurricane Monitoring and Prediction program and the Hurricane and Tornado Broadcast Campaign.

Like moonshine, but far more addictive, methamphetamine is a home-cooked concoction that can be brewed in kitchens, hotel rooms, back yards and trunks of cars. And its destructive surge eastward--reinvigorated by Mexican drug cartels--has been driven largely by waves of hometown cooks, who pass the finished drug and their favorite recipes to family, friends and customers.

Summit County has since become Ohio's meth capital. Narcotics officers dismantled labs there last year--far more than in any other county--and are on pace to exceed that total this year. Common wisdom in law enforcement holds that for every one lab busted, 10 remain undiscovered. Nationally, the of labs and other meth sites found last year topped 17, according to federal statistics, up from just a decade ago.

In Summit County, meanwhile, officials say the Department of Children Services has removed dozens of children from homes where parents cooked and used meth in recent years. Police and narcotics agents in Lake County have found 15 labs since September but only a handful before then. Portage County has dismantled at least five labs since April. Police in Ashtabula County have been finding nearly one lab a week. The Children's Services agency there has had to close an adolescent group home and shift resources to pay for the care of children removed from parents who cook and abuse meth.

Seeking hot tweekers

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