Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging.

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? That is not the case. The official news is that the business is relocating at some point.

It is open and very active, but the web site is I frequent Club Columbus but will be in the Akron area on Thursday June 24 and would like to stop by for a day of relaxation. We also have "sta It was a little bit of a drive from western PA but it was nice enough, everyone was friendly, and it was reasonably priced. However, there is no porn being shown Loved the atmosphere. Naked guys everywhere. Went in sauna, steamroom and hot tub. In steamroom a fellow asks to blow me.

We went back to his room and he sucked me f This is a simple bathhouse guys, a steamroom, gang shower, hot tub and sauna, plus lockers or Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 22 I have never seen anything there but it seems like a great place for it. Watch out if it's busy. It gets a lot of gay traffic. The Overlook Area is at Sackett Ave. All are connected by trails through the wooded park. You can find a good Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging. here. Not recommended. It's not safe. There are many well-defined trails through the woods, but there are lo of places to wander off the beaten path.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 18 This men's room also has some action, in the last two stalls. Keep it cool since the doors have been removed to discourage activity. But it still goes on. The building was torn down. This prompted me to search and I found it's now Cocktails 2. I had to drive about an hour but it was exactly what I needed.

Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging.

There is a bathroom, too. It was very hot. I highly recommend it. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 24 As of January they have three undercover officers working to arrest anyone doing anything illegal at this restroom. Watch out guys. It's best to avoid this location.

It's a good place for sucking. Noon to 2 pm and 5 to 7 pm on weekdays, and weekend afternoons are great. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 22 This is still a fairly busy restroom, though not as good as a few years ago. The old student center which was torn down three or four years ago had a superb restroom on the second floor!

I will be in the area in August. Any interest? Sucked seven cocks getting four cum shots in my mouth. A guy was following me around and watching me suck cocks. Good place for cocksuckers.

Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging.

Sometimes it's great, sometimes not so much. That was hot. They come and go. There's one t I have met numerous guys and taken them to the motel room for hot action. Also, I met one mature couple there when walking in wood The courts shut the haters down. Game on, guys! See you there. Posted Oct 15 I live out of state and make a point of stopping at Rodman Park when I'm in the area usually once a year.

Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging.

I have always connected with blowjobs until my jaws were sore. Lots of horny men there. They have arrested dozens of guys and they put their names and pictures in the papers. Stay out. The toilets are closed. I always get some hot action here. All ages. Old people can bother you but I always leave Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging. full! I'm staying in Athens this summer and was curious. Just make sure to close the outer door when you go in. Had some close calls, but thanks to the double doors it is easy to get a he up. It was pretty hot -- got a nice facial at the end.

I'll have to visit and see! Gloryholes have been removed but lots of action under the stalls and chance for good hookups. The only prob It's been replaced with stainless steel partitions. You can still Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging. on your knees for a good time though. Stay away! I had one of the best blowjobs of my life here.

I have never seen anyone there that didn't have something posted on CL before hand. And now that option is gone. Message me through my Profile and I'd love to come b Looking for fun and that special thrill, to get away from husbands and kids it makes for a Usually hike topless.

Never a problem getting a load in my mouth. Cocks range from college guys to local married men. The woods are best for sucking. Look everywhere. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 3 Be careful there have been arrests made there by Aurora cops and Portage courts are not very forgiving. Posted Nov 8 I went mid-afternoon Monday and sucked and got sucked in the back lot by a younger guy. It was hot. Nothing looked out of place!

This one cop wears really short shorts and carries a backpack. He has been seen at around the middle of the day. Be careful around here. Posted Apr 20 Five guys were arrested here on April 21st. It was an undercover sting by the Aurora Police and Streetsboro Police. Stay away from this location. Posted Sep 11 I stopped by at 8 am on a weekday and got an incredible blowjob from a clean cut guy.

He even swallowed. This place is incredible. Canfield Niles Rd. Head south on Rte. The store is on the right. Fucking loved it! Used to be a fun place. We haven't been back in town recently but are in the pro Love that the booths have doors and lock.

Fucked a well-dressed gay man with a big cock. He stopped me before he came. Another man was cruising with a very large I will be a slave to a man or men for weeks at a time as long as I'm provided speed that is ready to inject cause it makes me extra fem and submissive and I do more nast I sucked them both off and the one brother came twice -- it was so fucking hot! There's a stall with some peepholes carved into it. I've met a couple of younger guys here in the past month in the evenings. Just keep in mind that this is the restroom the em NW and 6th St. Also, occasionally during all the year, above on the balcony at the fiberglass tables, you can find cruisers.

FYI I also love sucking at this gloryhole.

Ohio bi fem swap. Swinging.

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