New york fetish clubs

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New york fetish clubs

It is a social, educational, and support group that offers a friendly environment where people can meet to learn more about the BDSM lifestyles. Pretty much anything goes at the club besides consent violation, barebacking, getting excess fluids on things, or generally being an asshole.

Also, there is sometimes cake. The club was formed by a of friends with roots in both the swing and BDSM lifestyle who saw many synergies between these two lifestyle dynamics, felt that they were complementary in many ways.

New york fetish clubs

They saw that there was a lack of venues where both could be simultaneously experienced and enjoyed. Decadence NYC is inclusive of all kinksters and swingers that have a true interest in exploring their sexuality as well as their kink. Decadence NYC hosts regular parties in a laid back, no pressure environment for people to explore their fantasies.

No one is ever pressured to do anything, Coming to just to watch is perfectly fine, In fact, the club recommends that newcomers come out to do just that. Look, ask, take in what is going on and decide what you might like to try. Donatella is located in Midtown Manhattan and easily accessed by several subway lines. There are three secure parking garages within a few blocks of the dungeon and parking is available on the street after 7 p.

La Domaine is far more than a simple professional dungeon. The Mistresses and Masters are among the finest in the world, with personal backgrounds in the most extensive training program one can find today. Because of this, the slaves and Dominants we train are easily recognized by the knowing eye. For those who find they have a place in their sexuality to serve as a household member New york fetish clubs a great BDSM training chateau. In New york fetish clubs, they offer Couples Parties, dungeon rentals, overnight, weekend and week-long getaways, workshops, fine food and wine, and other very special events.

The Ninth Circle is an association of persons for social, recreational and educational purpose which exists primarily to foster friendship and a common unity among its members and within the Leather Lifestyle. Location W. Basically, it is a place for like-minded people to get together in an informal setting and talk about whatever comes to mind. Quite often we will head out to a party or other event afterwards. For a forum and discussion topics. The club believes it is of extreme importance that people between the ages of 18 to 35 have an opportunity to gather in person and share ideas and concerns, or simply spend time together.

The group will meet in the usual manner; eat, talk, waste time, etc. Paddles is the most famous BDSM club in NYC, and is considered to be the best equipped dungeon on earth with 30 pieces of new equipment. Paddles sits on a Square foot multi-level state of the art discreet location. To find it, you will need to walk down a long concrete hallway, then down stairs into a basement.

New york fetish clubs

You will then arrive to a window where you are asked to give your names, read a list of rules, ed your names, and have your hands stamped. The rules: No alcohol allowed, you may watch a scene but not interrupt, nudity is permitted but no sex, and no touching unless given permission. The walls are made to look and feel like the stone of a castle dungeon with various pieces of Medieval-like furniture with straps or rigging for bondage.

New york fetish clubs

A bed with ankle and wrist straps that looks like a rack from […]. The club comprises seven rooms, each of which caters for you to explore any of your darkest BDSM desires and fantasies. Among the many fetishes catered to here are female domination, pain and punishment, bondage and discipline, foot worship, humiliation, cross-dressing, wrestling and any type of role play imaginable.

You can either book an experienced and fully trained Mistress, switch or submissive or rent one of the rooms for private play in a luxurious environment. With over 30 Mistresses to choose from you will be sure to find your match from light, sensual to heavy play. Now known as Bi Bash T-Girl Shebang, the name change is to make sure we are not mixed up with any other event.

The perfect pressure free meeting place! There are regular munches, parties, and other events in the sq. The club has multiple stations to play, there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable and explore in the ways that they love best. From suspension points to spanking benches and St. Andrews crosses to massage tables, RKS has pretty much everything. Get to know others who enjoy traditional spanking. We place New york fetish clubs high priority on privacy, respect and provide a safe environment that is especially inviting to novices who are just emerging in the spanking scene.

As such, we do not promote age play or role play but a choice to be held able for behavior.

New york fetish clubs

Alternatively, a hand on the ankle can be used in lieu of yellow. Once a month on a friday night, about 50 to women and trans folks come to fuck and play and watch and meet and flirt. Submit playspace has open and connected rooms, a cubbyhole maze with peep holes, beds, slings, bondage equipment, a flogging station, a spanking bench, wet play tub, an orgy room, showers, and more.

Play out in the open, or in one of the private rooms. What Happens at Submit club? TES hosts regular parties, social activities and munches. These classes include lectures, demos, panels, and hands-on workshops, presented by some of the top scene educators in the world. Held every month, this is a great opportunity to meet and mingle in a laid-back atmosphere, before heading out to a party together. With classes and special events covering a variety of topics, TES Fest is the place for exploration, education, and entertainment in a healthy and safe environment.

New york fetish clubs

Though it remains in its original location in Midtown Manhattan, the studio has recently undergone a complete renovation to improve its aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. The Mistresses at the Parthenon specialize in a wide variety of activities and fetishes, from light sensual play to more extreme scenes. Excluding illegal activities, there is no area of Domination that is not expertly covered by at least one member of our collective. We highly recommend browsing through the directory of Dominas here on the website to see which Domina your particular interests are most compatible with.

Parthenon NYC has FOUR separate play rooms, which have been hand-crafted with the goal of accommodating the needs of all submissives, players, and fetishists. Each environment is detailed specifically to evoke a certain mood, while still retaining the ability to host a wide variety of complex scenes.

In addition to the […]. Share this. Albany Power Exchange. BDSM Clubs. Decadence BDSM club.

New york fetish clubs

Mistress Adrienne. Ninth Circle. Pendulum NYC. Rochester Kink Society. The Aphrodite Group.

New york fetish clubs

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