Madison alternative sex

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Badgers are a quirky bunch. Or maybe this is not that weird. Yesterday we published some of the. I glossed over the methodology in that columnwhich focused on sexually transmitted diseases.

Madison alternative sex

Here I will explain those and many others in more detail. This was not a scientifically robust survey, but efforts were made to make the sample as representative as possible and make the questions as statistically useful as possible given our limitations. This encompassed more than 92 percent of UW students based on the wisc. Each student received a unique, randomly generated code that was required on the survey launchwhich marked the code as used in a database and allowed the user to proceed to the survey. Students were assured all survey s would Madison alternative sex served over an encrypted, secure connection.

It is impossible for anyone to correlate survey with the code used to enter the survey, so the are therefore anonymous. The first e-mail was sent to students Oct. Students had until the end of the day Oct. And for that we received 3, valid responses. We believe the sampling method resulted in a reasonably representative sample. The selection method was convenience based, but only less than 8 percent of students were not able to take the survey. Perhaps a correlation exists between extremely privacy conscious students and sexual appetite, but we doubt it is a strong one and have not seen studies indicating otherwise.

Likewise, the promiscuous among us may have been keen to read such an e-mail and complete the survey. Without having a way to determine the sizes of those two populations, we cannot be sure if the collective effect of the two hypothetical problems actually skewed the data in any way. We do not have reason to believe these had a ificant effect, though, and we hope the incentive minimized the error in the conclusions.

Note: Participants were able to answer as many or as few questions as they desired. We decided the extra data we would obtain for allowing partial surveys would make up for the statistical problems involved with analyzing questions that an unknown of people might have answered a certain way. At the survey conclusion, we began analyzing the data. First we removed all data sets that contained an extremely unreasonable value for one of the questions.

Remarkably, this only resulted in 10 discarded surveys. Then we combed the numeric answers for unreasonablewhich were flagged for further analysis. Judging by the other responses from the same user, it was determined none of the unreasonable values warranted discarding the entire survey result set. We chose to instead exclude the unreasonable responses for that particular question but still use Madison alternative sex rest of the responses from that user.

We also excluded the more sensitive responses from the five respondents who said they were not at all comfortable taking the survey as determined by the first question. After those exclusions, for the questions asking about s of occurrences of a particular scenario or act, the highest 1 percent of responses was also excluded from analysis. For the followingif the of participants who indicated they preferred not to answer a specific question is not specified, it can be assumed the reported percentages are based on the of responses to the other options.

For example, 0. While This almost always was a minor difference. We cannot control for users who read the question and decided it did not apply, and users who skipped the question entirely but to whom the response may have applied. We have not calculated margin of error. Very small reported percentages will be generally less reliable than larger reported percentages. Especially since the surveys were voluntary, and we cannot ensure accuracy of responses, none of the following statistics is to be taken as a claim of actual representation or fact.

Finally, are reported with all genders combined generally, but males and females are calculated and reported separately in cases where the distinction shows ificant differences. Gender: Females were more likely to take the Madison alternative sex than males. According to the UW-Madison website, in fall the studentry was composed of The survey participants were Age: The average age reported was See Figure 1. Year: The grade level breakdown for undergraduates was as follows: Additionally, Environment: Most UW students grew up in a suburban area, as When asked about the last six years, the responses were We did not define these terms, as we were just aiming for a general idea and did not want to complicate the survey too much.

Madison alternative sex

Religious classification: A majority of UW students surveyed, at Madison alternative sex was claimed by 3. Then another 4. The group of nonreligious students was Of the nonreligious, 60 percent said they Madison alternative sex agnostic and the rest atheist. See Figure 2. Religious devotion: Only Another Race: Only 5. Then 7. To this, 7. We anticipated these s to be higher, but in light of only students saying they took such medications, we opted not to draw comparisons between those taking these drugs and those not taking them due to small sample size.

Students were asked separately to which genders they are sexually and emotionally attracted. See Figure 3 for all the s in tabular format. Sexual attraction: Males were more likely to characterize their sexual attractions at the extreme ends of the spectrum. About Surprisingly, males were more than seven times as likely as females to say they are completely gay, with 3. Females were more than twice as likely as males to be at least somewhat bisexual, with For sexual attraction, See Figure 3 and Figure 4.

Emotional attraction: Females were a little more likely to be emotionally rather than sexually attracted to either gender at times, and males were more than twice as likely to be at times attracted to both genders emotionally. For emotional attraction, See Figure 3 and Figure 5. See Figure 6 for some of these in pie chart format. Masturbation: Only 4. Extramarital sex: Only Prostitution: UW students apparently have little sympathy for mitigating circumstances, as Only 4.

Note: Students were told the prostitution question was referring strictly to sexual acts in exchange for money or favors, disregarding other possibly related moral issues. Party to cheating: While That leaves 9. Same sex intimate kissing: Only Same sex oral sex: A slightly higher Same sex anal or vaginal sex: Similar to oral sex, Self-image: This spread will remind you of the grade distribution in some UW-Madison calculus courses: When asked how attractive the student thinks most people think of him or her, 5. Orgasms: Not surprisingly, males were almost four times surer of whether they had ever experienced an orgasm.

They were also much more likely to have had one. Only 3. A much lower See Figure 7. Oral sex: These statistics exclude those who said they have never had oral sex. Respondents said they first had oral sex at an average age of Females reported an average of 5. Males reported an average of 6. Vaginal or anal sex: These statistics exclude those who said they have never had penetrative sex. Respondents said they first had penetrative sex at an average age of Females reported an average of 4. Males reported an average of 5.

Impact of homosexuality: Gay males have oral sex about a year earlier than and a third more often than straight males, while straight males have penetrative sex a year earlier than and almost three times as often as gay males. Overall, straight males have more sex than gay males. That said, gay males have more than four times as many different oral sex partners and almost three times as many penetrative sex partners as straight males. See Figure Madison alternative sex. Multiple partner relations: About It appears about half of these occurrences involved a male-female pair as the sex partners.

Additionally, 2. About 1. See Figure 9 for a breakdown of students who reported a maximum of partners greater than two. Males who reported masturbating in the last four weeks Excluding males who said they have never masturbated less than 4. Males are five times as likely as females to use pornographic videos as their primary masturbation aid, and females are twice as likely to use their imaginations or nothing. See Figure Females who reported masturbating in the last four weeks Of the females who said they have When asked if they are currently involved in a relationship, We asked two questions about of past relationships and their average length, but the were not very interpretable.

Had we known we would get as many respondents as we did, we would have asked about the length of only the last relationship the student was involved in.

Madison alternative sex

Generally, at least Males are much more likely to hook up online than females. When asked under which conditions hooking up has ever occurred, the responses were as follows percentages calculated using the total of responses to this survey from each gender : When asked what the most common scenario in which hooking up occurs, the responses were as follows percentages based on responses to this question : Cheating: A surprising of people admitted to having cheated. Generally, females were more likely than males to have flirted with and have kissed intimately a nonpartner while in an exclusive relationship.

Males were more likely to have actually had sex. See Figure 12 for a detailed breakdown of cheating by gender.

Madison alternative sex

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