Looking for a little birthday fun

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For now, here are our favorite ways to celebrate birthdays at home. Owner, Gina will take good care of you. Local companies near you may have birthday in a box celebration services available for hire. Some services even offer birthday boxes for adults that include wine or liquor. No need to miss out on the fun. Ask friends and family to drive by your home waving, honking, blowing bubbles. They can even toss birthday gifts onto the lawn. Coordinate a time with friends and family locally to parade by and celebrate from a safe distance.

Looking for a little birthday fun

Make certain the birthday child is outside to see everyone and wave back. Leave everything up for a couple of days to keep the party going. Gather your friends and family on one of the video conferencing sites like Zoom, Google Hangout or Jitsi. You can even play games during video calls.

Looking for a little birthday fun

List items, like a hat, an apple, an old birthday card… and the first person to come back to the screen with said item gets a point. Have family and friends judge from afar. Obviously the winner is the Birthday. This is super easy for neighborhood friends. Have people write birthday wishes and messages all over your driveway and sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.

We did this to our neighbor and other people walking by during the day added messages. Even strangers participated. If your child has friends in the area, give clues and take a walk to hunt for greetings or gifts left out in driveways. Ask friends and family to send video wishes to the birthday kiddo. Seeing and hearing their loved ones well wishes may just make their day. Pitch a tent in the living room or in the back yard. If the weather is nice and you are outside, build a fire and roast marshmallows.

Reminisce about favorite birthday memories and talk about future memories you want to make together as a family. Too cold to sleep outside? Too dark? One of our Looking for a little birthday fun finds during the pandemic is Twilight Slumber Parties. You pickup a DIY kit to set up whimsically decorated and furnished sleepover tents inside your home! Send invitations to everyone in your family, inviting them to get really dressed up.

Set the table with candles, play music, use proper manners and cloth napkins. You could also make a game of it and hide cards and gifts around the house for a Scavenger Hunt. Older kids are having fantastic Birthday parties online via their video games. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite are hot spots for social interaction and friend and party features are perfect for celebration with those they surely miss most.

If your neighborhood has a Facebook or is on the Nextdoor app, ask neighbors to hang s or balloons so when you take a walk your child will be greeted with birthday well-wishes at every house. Make the birthday a little different by just changing a few things up. Breakfast in bed is always a treat, then how about a picnic lunch in the living room? The slightest difference will seem special and help make this challenging time more memorable, in a good way. Did you know you can host a Netflix Party with your friends? Download the app. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chatting making binge watching so much more social.

Pop some popcorn and host a Netflix movie night. No matter the age from 2 to 99 everyone likes a little pampering. We did this with my 3 year old and 7 year old.

Looking for a little birthday fun

Make facial masks, give massages, do their nails, curl or style their hair and maybe even a touch of makeup to feel extra special. Listen to relaxing music and sip on fun drinks. If one of them is to go to the beach, then I will somehow make a beach in the backyard with a kiddie pool and sand. You might be surprised by what they ask for. Older kids could totally get into a party theme reflective of the current situation. If your child is turning ten have him write ten cards or letters to people that mean the most to him in his life.

Have him express his gratitude and why he values the receiver. Or, use this time to work together making masks for people who need them, or writing letters of thanks to first responders. Guests can follow along with the host and create beautiful art. Dollar store plates are easy to color with Sharpies, plain paper can be painted or get fancy with take and make ceramics from Kiln Creations.

Once Upon a Princess is offering personal video calls with characters ranging from princesses to Marvel Heroes. Maybe your little one would like the Snow Queen to read her a bedtime story or maybe she has endless questions for Thor. These are extra special ways to add some flare to their birthday celebrations.

Small family?

Looking for a little birthday fun

Only child? Single parent? Working parents?? Keep it super simple. Just be together. Take solace in the simple things right now. Sit back and see your. Realize how much has changed since their last birthday. See their habits, their mannerisms, the way they talk… take this time during social distancing to reconnect with your kids and really see who they are becoming.

Use this list for other milestones that may come up during our social distancing phase of life. Graduations, births, anniversaries and birthdays for young and old deserve to be celebrated. You are doing a great job and we will get through this together; while apart. I think the part where friends and other family members can drop by and toss birthday gifts on our lawn is definitely Looking for a little birthday fun good idea to make my kid feel loved.

OMG, same here! Everyday he is counting down to his 7th birthday and we are scrambling just to find things to make it fun. It could a mixture of the Happy Bday in the yard AND have the presents all ready in the yard as well. Thank you!!! My daughter is turning 10 in a few days, and all of these ideas are all kinda pre-planned, so does anyone have any other ideas? These were all very good ideas, and thank you! She is an only child and no family around her. What did you end up doing? My soon to be 10 year old is in the same boat. Only. No family around. Online school. Hi Jill Basically a Zoom Party is when you start a zoom meeting and send the link to people you want to invite.

Hope this Helps, Sheila. We are doing a drive by bday at the parking lot of our church… well wishes for our daughter and also donate bag of food drive for Local school back pack program. Kids that drive by get party favors to include kids hand sanitizer, a mask and healthy snacks, and kids toy. I love these ideas. Definitely think I will do the Zoom party.

Looking for a little birthday fun

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