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Lunch in Italy is an occasion! The first course primo is usually a pasta dish while the secondo usually features a fish recipe or meat recipe with a range of great sides. From easy Italian soup recipes to swift yet filling meals — such as poached eggs with crispy pancetta, sticky spicy lamb sausages or beef carpaccio with rocket — these Italian lunch recipes are quick to make and delicious to eat. Time to start cooking! Tray-bakes are the perfect way of cooking for a family. For many people, salmon is the king of fish — it has a firm, meaty texture and a beautiful pink colour.

This is a delicious way to get all the family eating fish — For burgers, lamb makes a really nice change from beef. The yogurt makes a lovely cooling accompaniment to the spicy burgers. Light that barbecue and open the cold beers! Here I can get the same flavour and texture by simply tossing them on top of this fantastic pizza. It looks amazing with all the overlapping circles of cheese and courgette — a real showstopper. Couscous is so easy to prepare, but it does need the addition of some really good flavours to make it come to life.

This rainbow salad is a fantastic source of vitamin C and is surprisingly filling. Chicken breasts are such a great option for an easy, quick and healthy midweek supper and this creamy sauce has a fabulous citrus kick. I like to serve this with a simple crisp green Italy ladies lunch Italy and some boiled new potatoes or — even better — my Mushroom Rice.

A true Sardinian speciality, fregola is a type of pasta typically made from semolina dough. It is similar to couscous, but with larger pellets that have been toasted in the oven so it has a firmer texture and nuttier flavour. You can find fregola of differing sizes in Italian delicatessens and online — it is perfect with fish or shellfish.

Whenever we are in Olbia, a port town on the northeast coast of Sardinia near my home, we order courgette fritters instead of chips. They make a great side dish or snack, but if you include cheese, as I have done here, they make a more substantial first course. I spent a wonderful day with his son, Renato De Bartoli, who told me about the history of Marsala wine — its production dates back towhen an Englishman accidentally discovered the local fortified wine and shipped it to England, where it It is widely believed that sardines were named after Sardinia, where they were among the first fish to be packed in oil.

Pilchards are the same species but just older and larger; they can be used for this recipe too, although I prefer the flavour of young sardines. As well as The town Italy ladies lunch Italy Trapani is famous for couscous, and there is an annual couscous festival there in September. Ask your fishmonger for end cuts and bones to flavour the sauce. Oranges go perfectly with smoked mackerel, particularly the red oranges that are so abundant in Sicily.

Orange and fennel are a popular combination in Sicilian cuisine, especially in the city of Palermo, and with the addition of this seductively rich-tasting fish this salad becomes the star of any antipasti table. Aubergines were introduced to the Mediterranean region by the Arabs in the Middle Ages and Sicilians use them a lot in their cooking. Stuffing sliced aubergines with cheese, breadcrumbs and other goodies is a particularly popular way of serving them.

Feel free to be creative with your fillings — this recipe is not about precision. Choose the heaviest aubergines you can find and cut just before Classic pesto is a specialty of Liguria, in northwestern Italy. However, Sicilians have their own equally delicious, lesser-known version — just a few additional ingredients take it in an entirely new and exciting direction. Sicily is the original home of the deep-pan pizza. A popular dish, it is usually cooked in large rectangular tins and sold by the weight.

Pizzas in Sicily vary according to the region, with each area having its own recipes and traditions, and this type known in Sicily as sfinciuni originated in western Sicily, in the province of Palermo. I absolutely love the combination of anchovies, It has often been said that beans are the meat of the poor man, as they are a healthy alternative to meat, but in Italy, beans are used in pasta dishes, sal, mashed and spread on bruschetta - to name but a few options.

They are used all day every day and are so incredibly good for you - packed with protein and soluble fibre, they make a really wonderful alternative to potatoes. The creamy bean mash Sardinia is famous Italy ladies lunch Italy its beef, particularly that of the bue rosso red cowwhich grazes the pastures of the volcanic Montiferru area in central-western Sardinia and is considered by many to provide the finest beef in Italy.

For this recipe I have taken the theme of a traditional Sardinian beef salad and have added artichokes and walnuts - which really complement the juicy sides of warm Saffron, sometimes referred to as 'red gold' because of its deep ruby-red colour, flourishes in the fertile hills of Sardinia's Medio Campinado province in southwestern Sardinia. The locals use it liberally in their cooking, but given its high price in Britain I tend to use it sparingly and in dishes where it will be one of the star attractions such as this delicately-flavoured risotto.

The courgette Burgers are a great Friday night supper, perfect for the whole family. I love using mozzarella to melt on top of the beef patties as it goes so beautifully stringy. There is nothing quite like a freshly cooked Margherita pizza. I love the flavour so much that I have copied the ingredients and added them to this chicken recipe to give me that Italian kick I sometimes crave. It is important not to use buffalo mozzarella for this recipe as it is very milky and releases If you need to make dinner in under four minutes, this is the recipe for you.

You can cook it there and then or even prepare in the morning and cook. I absolutely love squid and to me there is no better way to cook it than with a nice spicy chorizo sausage. This is a pasta dish that would be perfect for a party because the flavours and the colours are just amazing.

If you prefer you can substitute the parsley leaves with fresh mint but whatever you do, please make sure that you use fresh squid. I love good-quality sausages so this recipe is definitely in my top ten. My grandfather used to make this dish for me when I was a boy but he used a tomato passata instead of the cream that I have introduced.

I wish he could have tasted my version as I know I would have got a huge cuddle for this one — he would have loved it and I know that you will too. One of my favourite oriental dishes has to be vegetable spring rolls and I make it so often at home that I had to include it in my book. Ensure the vegetables are not too wet when putting them into the filo pastry, otherwise your spring rolls will I wanted to create a recipe with this fruit, as it has an extremely high nutritional value and helps provide many general health benefits This is a great vegetarian alternative to raw meat or fish carpaccio.

If using small, young courgettes you can use the whole vegetable, but for larger courgettes I suggest you use the flesh only, as the seeds can be spongy when eaten raw. Just halve the courgettes lengthways, run a teaspoon down the centre When they are stuffed and baked, conchiglioni giant pasta shells look so impressive and they taste every bit as good as they look.

Fresh sage, which is extremely popular in Italian cooking, gives the dish intriguing, earthy undertones. This zingy first-course salad takes only minutes Italy ladies lunch Italy prepare yet is full of flavour and goodness. The peppery little leaves of the watercress are bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making it one of our greatest natural superfoods, while the fennel and oranges are really rich in vitamin C.

One of the great things about these little stuffed courgette rolls is that they don't require any cooking and can be prepared ahead. All that's needed is a bottle of chilled Italian wine, some warm, crusty bread on the side and good friends to share them with. You can use hazelnuts instead of walnuts if you prefer. When buying gnocchi, look for a good-quality brand that contains at least 70 per cent potato.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

Baking shop-bought gnocchi can really jazz them up. Serve with a crisp salad on the side. Perfect for a midweek supper, this dish is quick and easy to make and low-fat too. Radicchio is very popular in Italy, particularly in the north, where it grows mainly in the Veneto region.

Prized for the rich red colour and slightly bitter flavour of its leaves, radicchio is also a rich source of vitamin K. Asparagus is one of the great delicacies of the vegetable world, and my asparagus tartlets quite rightly make it centre of attention.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

It is cooked very briefly, then plunged into cold water to retain its texture and bright green colour. You can use pecorino cheese rather than Parmesan if you like a saltier flavour. This dish is rather retro and I used to make it when I first came to London as a teenager.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

Serve with your favourite salad leaves. With no doubt, I have to dedicate this recipe to my friend and manager Jeremy Hicks. We have known each other for seven years now and without fail he has to have this pasta dish at least once a week. I actually agree with him, it's one of my favourites too, because I just love the combination of the onion, pancetta and chilli.

If you prefer, you can substitute linguine with spaghetti or tagliatelle. I love this shape of pasta and this sauce is perfect for it. The delicate taste of the pork with the strong flavours of the chilli, olives and sun-dried tomatoes is a match made in heaven. It really doesn't need it and will actually ruin the natural flavours of the ingredients. If you fancy, substitute the conchiglie This is a family favourite and a staple for the. True Italians never serve spaghetti with meatballs; it has to be fettuccine or pappardelle pasta to be authentic.

Half the pleasure of food is being able to enjoy it with your friends and family. I love dishes that can be placed in the centre of the table so that everybody can help themselves. It's the most Italy ladies lunch Italy form of eating and it means I'm not stuck in the kitchen! This recipes cooks the beef from scratch, but if you have any leftover roast beef from a Sunday roast by all means use that. This is the real thing. In Italy, this sauce is only ever served with broad, flat pasta such as tagliatelle or fettuccine and never with spaghetti.

This is one of my ature dishes, created in the summer of on the island of Sardinia where my family and I were enjoying our holiday in our house on the beach. Make sure that you serve this dish as soon as you combine the pasta and the sauce. You can substitute the prawns for scallops. However, artichoke hearts are essential on this pizza as they work beautifully with the ham, mushrooms and olives.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

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