Italy couples looking

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This post includes affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclosure. Click to watch our video guide to the most romantic spots in Italy! Verona is one of the most romantic places in Italy for a good reason.

The visitors put their hand on its heart and wish for eternal love. In case you feel like eloping in Italy, know that it is possible to get married at Casa di Giulietta! How romantic is that? Are you visiting Italy in the warmer months? Check out what to wear in summer in Italy to make sure you avoid these common tourist mistakes! Snatcing tickets for a concert, opera night or ballet at the Arena would definitely be the cherry on the top to a super romantic trip to Italy! Venice is one of the most romantic Italian cities and one of the places that people always add to their itinerary for Italy.

When people think of a romantic Italy trip, the first thing that comes to mind is Venice and maybe a traditional gondola. Walking hand in hand while exploring the narrow streets of Venice is definitely another much cheaper and still very romantic way of exploring this world famous city. You might also like: Honeymooning in Italy — Ultimate guide to an unforgettable trip. A labyrinth of medieval alleyways and canals is the perfect place to get lost, snatching the odd moment of solitude.

This area can be pretty romantic. As you stroll through the narrow streets, you should explore the Ghettoone of the most evocative parts of Venice. There are many cafes and restaurants, so another option is to sit at a cafe watching kids play football. Another cute and romantic area is Dorsoduroin the southern part of Venice. It feels more like a fairytale village, far away from the huge crowds and the fuss of the touristic side of the city. A road trip on the Amalfi Coast can be the perfect romantic Italy trip that you can plan to surprise your partner. If you want to have a look at how things are, watch our Amalfi Italy couples looking video and see how beautiful it can be!

According to the season, there are many festivals or events that you can attend, like the Ravello Festival one of the oldest and most renowned music festivals in Italy or several food festivals where you can taste traditional Neapolitan food at tiny prices. Remember: Southern Italy is warmer, so you will be able to get a tan also in early Spring or late Autumn. This is why it should be on the list of the most romantic places in Italy you can visit throughout the year!

You can spend an afternoon there or even the whole evening, tasting cakes and pastries from the Naples or Salerno tradition, or Italy couples looking hot cocoa while eating colorful macarons. The Sal De Riso shop looks almost like an art exhibition more than just a bakery: Mr. De Riso loves beautiful things and makes sure the aesthetics in his shop are always perfect.

If you want to spoil your partner you can book a scenic cruise that includes homemade limoncello tasting the real stuff! Walking at night along the coast or on the beach, hand in hand with your ificant other, with the soothing sounds of the sea in the background and the Moon as a witness to your love is one of the most romantic experiences ever. The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or to enjoy your honeymoon in Italy!

Are you celebrating a birthday, your Italy couples looking or another special event? You can visit Florence to spend a romantic weekend with your partner, eating, drinking a glass of Chianti and just enjoying your trip.

Italy couples looking

Or… if you have decided you want to honeymoon here in the Bel Paese. There are two ways you can plan your trip to Florence. If you have visited already, then you should aim for a foodie trip, spend some time eating delicious food here you can find some delicious Italian dishes you should try in Tuscany. An alternative would be to plan a few day trips from Florenceto explore Tuscany and its beautiful villages. Comfortable walking shoes are mandatory!

Because Florence is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, it deserves some love pun intended! You might also like: 23 romantic Tuscany villages off the beaten path. A word of advice about your expectations on Florence: remember that it can be super crowded.

What does it mean for you? Planning well in advance this part of your romantic trip to Italy is also mandatory. Tourists from all over the world stand for hours in line to get into the Uffizi Gallerywasting precious time they could spend otherwise. Me and Aldo have friends who live in the area, so we can offer a few tips out of experience, because we tend to visit quite often.

Enjoy your breakfast as you walk along the Arno river with your partner. Visiting will take the most part of the day we had to wait in line for 1 hour even if we had skip-the-line tickets. In the afternoon or evening get out for some souvenir shoppingand then find a romantic restaurant. Fiorentina steak and a glass of Chianti are perfect for a candlelit dinner! Some images of the Cinque Terre look awfully similar to the Amalfi Coast and specifically Italy couples looking Positano, so much so that some tourists tend to get quite confused.

Italy couples looking

Both are gorgeous clusters of tiny village with breathtaking views all around. Cinque Terre, one of the most romantic places in Italy, can be visited using public transport. Renting a car for this part of your trip is pretty uselessbecause finding a parking spot takes so long!

You might have read that the road comes with a view. The fact is that the road is narrow and windy. It tends to get dangerous, especially at night. Cinque Terre is the perfect place for a slow kind of trip. Discover the authentic Italian lifestyle and Italy couples looking all the delicious food! Dieting is definitely not an option! Another thing you can do at Cinque Terre is a short cruise to explore all the cute little towns. You can choose between a longer cruise consider spending one full day exploring on a guided touror a shorter one that takes just a few huours.

The wine lovers should also book a wine tour with tastingsto enjoy all the different kinds of local wine, paired with the best snacks and bites from the Italian tradition.

Italy couples looking

Bologna is the perfect getaway for the foodie couples who want to spend their time walking hand in hand and tasting authentic Italian dishes. You can visit the tallest of the two, which dates back toonly if you are willing to climb steps to reach the top. From the terrace you will be able to take breathtaking pictures of Bologna and if the sky is clear enough you might even see as far as the sea.

An encouragement? No reason to feel guilty then!

Italy couples looking

The most beautiful and romantic one can be seen from Via Piella. The Canale delle Moline has been used for centuries, because of the water mills in the area. Everyone knows about the delicious food you can eat in Bologna, from handmade pasta to tortellito the pork meat used in so many dishes. Mortadella is the most famous cured meat in Italy after prosciutto. Looking for a different experience? How about you book a semi-private cooking class with a local cook?

If you are going to spend a few days in the Italy couples looking, I strongly recommend planning a day trip from Bologna. There are quite a few interesting little towns that you can visit, mostly unknown to the crowds of tourists!

Honeymooning to Capri is also very popular worldwide. Couples visit the island and pledge Italy couples looking love. There are a few places just about perfect for that. Two of the best romantic spots in Capri are Punta Tragara Belvedere and Punta Cannone Belvederefrom which you can see the majestic faraglioni. You might also like: How to plan a day trip to Capri from Sorrento. If you want to pop the question under the faraglioni you can rent a boat and tell the Captain that you want to propose.

He will slow down near the big arch to give you time to enjoy the view… and find the ring. Some other beautiful spots in Capri to propose are the Eremo di Centrellawhere you can also plan a romantic picnic, the Punta Carena lighthouse and the Belvedere delle Migliera. We have explored the Salento area in Puglia on our own and gosh… it was so beautiful! Trulli are traditional Apulian stone huts with a conical roof. Trulli are the perfect nest for a romantic Italy getaway.

If you are planning to escape the big cities and spend some time cuddling and eating delicious food, tell the owner that you are celebrating a special occasion. Most of them will make sure to scatter rose petals in the room. If you feel like cuddling all day long, make sure to arrange for your breakfast to be delivered to your trullo, so you can eat it in bed.

So very decadent! Tales of his beautiful villa, of exclusive parties with his Italy couples looking. Yet this beautiful area has so much to offer, from the historical city center to the funicular railway that brings locals and visitors to Brunate. The funicular is way cheaper than a boat ride and also it offers the chance to enjoy the view from above. If the weather is good, visit also Villa Serbellonia magnificent complex in a park full of exotic plants, rose gardens and beautiful views. The name comes from the fact that Civita is destined to crumble down in future.

This tiny Italian town is located on a hill, eroded at the base by two streams, as well as by the effect of rain and wind. Only a handful of families still live here and the silence as you walk the narrow streets only adds to the unique feel of this place. The main highlight, aside from the views and the fact that it feels like stepping into a twilight zone, is the Cathedralprobably built in the early 7th century.

Inside you will be able to see a 15th century wooden crucifix. The result is that as you can stroll through the narrow streets, as dozens of cats just hang around, mostly sleeping. They are more photographed than movie stars on red carpets! Civita di Bagnoregio is the perfect place to propose in a very unique setting, especially if you go early in the morning or at sunset, when the whole town is bathed in the last sun rays of the day, making everything pink and orange. A romantic weekend in Milan?

Using the Milan subway is easy, cheap and it will bring you wherever you want to go. Think of Central Park in New York: Milan has a lot of green areas but some can be particularly crowded.

Italy couples looking

The Indro Montanelli Gardens are also pretty big and mostly visited by locals only. Inside you will also find the Natural History Museumwhich often has interesting exhibits. Milan still holds onto its past, but not only for the Christmas markets which still trace the steps of the ancient traditions. Repurposed areas like the Vicolo dei Lavandai are mostly unknown to the tourists.

We got to visit it because my sister, who has now been living in Milan for almost 10 years, has discovered while randomly walking around on a sunny day. In people came to this narrow street because it housed the Confraternity of Laundrymen of Milan. Today Vicolo dei Lavandai is one of the most romantic spots in Milan, off the beaten path. While in the past I gave you a one day itinerary for Naples and Italy couples looking about the traditional Neapolitan dishesnow I want to highlight the romantic side of my city.

We do not live in filth, covered by garbage, and we do not survive by stealing from tourists. If you are still worried, I strongly encourage you to read my article which covers each and every aspect you might be wondering about. Click to discover if it really is safe to visit Naples. Lungomare Caracciolo and Borgo Santa Lucia at night are probably the most romantic places for couples and where me and Aldo had our first date! Italy couples looking hand in hand by the sea, while the moon shines down on the quiet waters of the Gulf of Naples is priceless. At night the small stone bridge that connects the tiny island to Naples is illuminated with super romantic street lamps.

This is the one place in Naples where thousands of people every year propose to their ificant other. If you want to celebrate or if you just want to have a special evening during your honeymoon in Naples, cross the stone bridge to Borgo Marinari. Be prepared to eat lots of delicious fresh fish away from the crowds and book well in advance! Is your partner in love with adventure and sports?

Italy couples looking

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