Fort collins hot women

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Doubters, what do you say now? Nick Willis says thank you and farewell on Instagram. Paul Chelimo! The Jerry Schumacher disaster. Centro goes home devastated. Carl Lewis sounds off. Cheptegai wins the m with ONLY a Would have lost to Jakob easily. I'm a distance runner with love for all outdoors. I'm thinking of making the move to the great state of Colorado and would love to find some nice single women. I am not sure where would be the best place to move in CO to meet people.

Any suggestions? I hate to break it to ya, but you're not likely to find any hot women in CO. Single women? Most of the women in CO are dirty, stinky women who are opposed to bathing and cleansing themselves. Remember the drum circles and tent cities of Occupy Wallstreet? Yeah, imagine a whole state of THAT. That's CO for ya. So yeah, if by "hot" you mean "smells like feet," you can't go wrong with any town in CO! Cu bolder used to have lot of blonde ski bumswomen from california.

Fort collins hot women

That was in the late 80's--caveat emptor. It depends on how old you are. In your low to mid 20's? Boulder might work out for you, maybe. The typical CU student is a dumb girl from california, texas, or chicago who is majoring in sociology, international relations, or psychiatry who gets passed out drunk frequently and will be a vapid fat moron in 5 years. The young professional crowd in Boulder is great, but most of the girls are taken.

You may find a cool hipster girl who is a barista or a bartender, which I personally like.

Fort collins hot women

The runner girls I've met there are kind of crazy. Your garden variety anorexic crazy with unresolved childhood issues. My advice: Move to denver. Its a bigger boulder with more stuff to do, less isolated, more hot women who aren't stupid and going nowhere, and it can work if your 20 or Big pool, plenty of places to hang out. And I'm a proud boulderite.

Stay out of the springs, the other guy nailed it. FoCo could be good, but if I had to guess it would be like Boulder. Good luck. Cool single women in CO? Try Montreal. The commute is a little rough but the quality is worth it. This is both the dumbest and most brilliant post in the history of LetsRun: dumbest for obvious reasons; brilliant because, well, a few years ago I stayed at the Hotel Nelligan in Montreal and there was a barmaid who was so amazingly beautiful that when she stepped outside she stopped traffic.

So yes, the commute would be worth it. It's the price we must pay to ski all winter and slay trout all summer. Showing 1 to 20 of 26 posts. Where is Best place to live in Colorado to meet cool calm well adjusted hot single women. Non-Running Travel. Report Thread. You are reporting this thread to the moderators for review and possible removal from the forum.

Top Thre. Last post 1 hour ago The Jerry Schumacher disaster. Last Fort collins hot women 1 hour ago Centro goes home devastated. User Options. Dist run ya. Back To Index Forum Index. Report Post Report. Hate to burst your Hubble. Buffalo chip. It's possible to meet cool, calm, well adjusted, hot single women? Didn't know they existed. Mork from Ork. Try Boulder, CO. That's where I found mine. Colorado is filled with nothing but mountain trash. Good luck finding a quality woman. Looks like to me you are trying to scare away the competition.

Also, a jibe I forgot to include with my earlier post: A young person looking to move to Colorado for outdoor adventure.

Fort collins hot women

How original. I won't tell you where you should really move so you don't start crowding my favorite spots. Gnostic wrote: Cool single women in CO? LaVista, near Pueblo. Reformed Coloradon. Dist run ya wrote: I'm a distance runner with love for all outdoors.

The outdoors is great. The women Linkin park so numb. Thanks for the advice but are there good places to run close to Denver? And doesn't Denver have quite a bit of pollution and crowdedness? While crowdedness is perhaps good for finding a variety of quality women, is it good for the adventurous running lifestyle? NOT right outside the dispensary. FoCo is not good for what the OP is looking for. Bang one, you've banged 'em all. And none have long-term potential. Ouray hot springs. What's LetsRun.

Fort collins hot women

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Where is Best place to live in Colorado to meet cool calm well adjusted hot single women