Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas

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They encounter the Karankawa Indians. These nomadic natives inhabit the banks of Oyster Creek where they harvest pecans, persimmons and freshwater clams. De Vaca lives with them for several years. A century and a half will pass before a European expedition visits this ground again. La Salle calls it the Maligne. Settlers, adventurers, soldiers and missionaries use an old Indian trail across a low-water point on Oyster Creek to travel from the Gulf Coast to San Antonio de Bexar, the capital of Spanish Texas.

Explorers frequently confuse the Colorado and Brazos rivers. As the longest, mightiest and most navigable river in the territory, it gives rise to many legends.

Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas

November A year after the Panic of depletes his fortune and stirs unrest in the states, entrepreneur Moses Austin, the father of Stephen Fuller Austin, travels from Missouri across the deserted wilderness to San Antonio seeking a contract to bring settlers into Spanish Texas. It is an ambitious plan to restore his lost wealth. Just as Sugar Land's history is permanently engraved into the foundation of the Sugar Land Town Square plaza, historical exhibits have been an important part of Sugar Land City Hall for many years.

Learn more about these exhibits and their location. He has a chance meeting with a long-lost friend, the Baron de Bastrop, who is the vice mayor of San Antonio. The Baron intercedes on his behalf. The governor reconsiders and decides in favor of a contract permitting Austin to settle families in Texas and establish a town at the mouth of the Colorado River.

The approved contract is received one month later. June Before Moses Austin can begin the colony, he falls ill after a perilous trip home. Two days before dying, he asks his wife Maria to write his son Stephen with his "father's last request to prosecute the enterprise. He has just moved to New Orleans to study law and work at a newspaper to support his family. He had only reluctantly agreed to help his father with his "Texas Venture. Austin is in Natchitoches, La. Austin sets out on horseback for Texas.

A rider overtakes the group with word of his father's death.

Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas

Writing his mother that "we must re ourselves to the dispensations of Providence," he travels on to San Antonio seeking approval to assume his father's contract. August Austin and his party reach the Brazos River, noting the fertile soil, abundant deer and black bear.

Across the river are grassy prairies and buffalo. In San Antonio, they learn of Mexico's new independence from Spain. The governor recognizes Austin as the heir to the contract. He takes on the role of "empresario," or colonization agent. Empresarios contract with the Mexican government to bring Roman Catholic settlers to Texas in exchange for 23, acres for each families brought.

September Austin spends a month exploring between the Lavaca and Brazos rivers for a suitable site. He chooses an area traversed by the Brazos, writing in his journal, "Land is all first rate, plenty of timber, fine water. November In New Orleans, Austin begins recruiting, offering settlers thousands of acres apiece for pennies an acre and no money down. By comparison, the U. Congress has begun requiring full cash payment up front to purchase public lands, which few frontiersmen can pay.

He has no trouble finding volunteers. November Austin purchases a ton schooner, the Lively, and outfits it to take the first settlers from New Orleans to the colony. Aboard are nearly 20 men carefully chosen to form the nucleus of the colony. Austin has ed special contracts with them providing free land in exchange for their labors. On November 25, they head for the mouth of the Colorado, where the men are to meet Austin, build cabins, stock supplies and plant at least five acres of corn each.

December The Lively is blown far off course and spends weeks at sea. With William W. Little and Joseph Polley in charge, the men travel 90 miles upstream. At a clearing on the river's bend, they construct a large log house known first as the "Fort on the Bend," and later, "Fort Bend.

In the meantime, Austin searches fruitlessly for the missing Lively party along the coast, concluding Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas were lost at sea. A handful of settlers have already arrived on the Colorado. Many more are on the way. March With colonists expecting to receive their land grants, Austin rides first to San Antonio and then Mexico City to urgently affirm his contract with officials of the new Mexican government.

There, political uncertainty forces him to wait for a full year until a stable government is in place to approve his empresario agreement. April With no contact between the Lively party and the other Austin colonists, rumors persist that the passengers were drowned at sea or starved by Indians. Some of the original passengers eventually return to Texas and tell what happened. May Before the Mexican Congress, Austin claims that there are men settled along the Colorado and 50 at various points along the Brazos.

Only eight have brought their families. August Fifteen settlers arrive at Fort Bend by summer. With no of Austin, the few are known as the "Forlorn Fifteen. Circumstances are dire. Drought devastates crops throughout Texas, and colonists subsist on whatever wild game they can find.

April The Mexican Congress finally approves Austin's contract. He is cleared to bring the first American households into Texas under Mexican rule. Austin's total charter is 15, square miles. It includes the finest agricultural lands in Texas, plenty of fresh water, lumber, grass Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas game. Along the Brazos, prospects are hopeful. By fall, dry weather and hardships return. Each married man is eligible to receive a "league," or 4, acres, of grazing land and a "labor," or acres, of farm land.

To receive the most land, a settler presents himself as both a rancher and a farmer. Most of the Old are from the southern states and intend to raise corn, cotton and cattle as they had back home. Forty-one of the initial land grants are located along the Brazos River in the area called Fort Settlement. Jane Long, the "Mother of Texas" who sewed the Lone Star flag first flown inreceives her league there. He will later release these leagues for reissue. Half of his land holdings will be deeded to his New Orleans lender in the venture, and none of it will have cash value for many years. Austin is granted a second empresario contract to locate five hundred settlers on this land and is permitted to open a port of entry at Galveston.

He will ultimately be granted five contracts. The Mexican military makes peace with the Tawakonis, Wacos and Comanches.

Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas

Protecting colonists from Indian raids has preoccupied Austin since It is the beginning of the local cattle industry. Austin writes that it "destroys in one blow the happiness and prosperity of this colony. June Brazos River flooding contributes to an outbreak of cholera in the area. Even with frequent flooding and variable water levels, the Brazos is the principal waterway into Texas. It is navigable for miles inland. Steamboats and barges ply this course for the next three decades as travel and commerce increase.

Seven children attend classes in an old blacksmith shop. School adjourns in September when the boys are needed to work in the fields. He spends the entire year in prison and is detained for another six months before his situation is favorably resolved. When he returns home in the fall of the colonists welcome him with a tribute dinner and dance. He is eager for immigration to increase so Texas becomes more "Americanized.

With the repeal of the Law of April 6,a thousand immigrants per month begin to arrive at the mouth of the Brazos. January As revolutionary fever mounts, the provisional state government dispatches Austin to the U. He has calling cards printed for the mission, which will Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas him from New Orleans to Washington, D.

The cards read simply,"Stephen F. Austin, of Texas. Travis calling for reinforcements at the Alamo. At Stafford, an year-old girl, Dilue Rose, melts lead and molds bullets for the volunteers going to Texas General Sam Houston's army. March Texas declares independence from Mexico on March 2. News reaches the colony of the March 6 fall of the Alamo.

A dispatch from General Houston instructs the settlers to leave. Wiley Martin defends the Brazos River crossing at Fort Bend until his troops are maneuvered out of the way and Santa Anna transports part of his army across. When the Fort Settlement colonists return, they find their homes looted, livestock scattered and fields burned. June Austin returns to Texas. He fails in a campaign to become the first President of the Republic of Texas when the popular General Houston enters the race two weeks before the September election. Houston wins in a landslide and asks Austin to serve as secretary of state.

December Stephen F. Austin is stricken with pneumonia and dies at age 43 in the village of Columbia, the first capital of Texas. His body is carried on steamship down the Brazos for burial at his family's plantation at Peach Point.

The first pioneer of the wilderness has departed," re the official notice. All military posts in the republic fire a gun salute, one volley for each county. Jane Long has sold a portion of her league to Robert Handy to develop the town of Richmond, which becomes one of the first cities granted a charter by the Republic of Texas. Long opens a hotel and boarding house in town. She makes her home on Long Plantation outside the city, residing there until her death in Citizens vote Richmond as the county seat. Nathaniel and a third brother, Matthew, run the plantation and grow cotton, corn and sugarcane.

Sugar from the region is considered superior, containing more juice than the sugarcane in Louisiana. The five-county area is known as the "Sugar Bowl of Texas. Many years later, this will become the location of Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas Sugar, making the company the oldest business in Texas still manufacturing the same products on the same site.

It is one of only six counties in the state with a slave majority. Lamar retires to Richmond. He builds a plantation home on land purchased from Jane Long. Kyle and B. Terry, two prospectors who earned fortunes in the California gold mines. They rename the property Sugar Land, and it becomes the social center of the area.

Within five years they purchase another 8, ading acres. By Terry is one of the wealthiest men in the state. It will be two years before the railroad is extended to reach the east bank of the Brazos opposite Richmond. Sugar cane replaces cotton as the principal crop on many plantations. Sixty convicts are leased to work on Fort Bend County plantations. Cotton begins to serve as currency, and a tenant-farming system evolves.

Date a Rich Man Simonton Texas

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