Adult friend finder Sydney

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I was on line as a legitimate couple for three weeks. Today, I go to check the site and AFF doesn't recognize the my handle, password, or my. I simply don't exist anymore! No reasons given. I had to pursue the answer myself. I contact AFF and without anyone telling me why my was deleted, they instruct me that in order to retrieve my it had to be verified. In order to do this I need to send them as an attachment of my cardholders ID existing of drivers and cr Don't know what these other people are talking about.

Adult friend finder Sydney

I can honestly say that I have met a couple where her partner just wanted to watch me screw the hell out of her. I suppose you just have to know the right questions and answers to get past the normal inhibition for most people to be able to get to the next level. This site is a scam. There is a lot of fake profiles and time wasters. I do not recommend this site to anyone and you have to pay for it which is ridiculous. This site like all the others is fake profiles, prostitution and prevarication, so fake it almost defies logic that these scum prowl the net like paedophiles at a kindergarten, foul.

Adultfrienffinder is total waiste of time and money. Almost all fake and paid profile to be online. I tried this for a month. Very strange i had paid membership and those girls wont reply me and again i created new freesame girls were sending me messages Lol, its a proof of fakeness They just want people to buy the membership If anyone donesnot beleive me, please try one with paid and one with unpaidu will be surprised free will have more messages while from paid same person wont even reply. I have been with Adult friend finder for 1 month all I can Adult friend finder Sydney this side is a total scam all the girls are fake none is real I just cancel my membership.

I was a member many years ago. My situation has changed radically and now I can't re because my old deleted profile is still there somehow and they demand I get another to. They won't delete it. What utter madness.

What useless service. I concur with the many fake profiles and con artists using this site.

Adult friend finder Sydney

There are genuine people but they are few and far between. Shame the genuine people me can't up lol. Worst dating site in the history of dating. Heaps of people with multiple profiles in chat rooms, total mayhem. Anyone with an issue is sure to be found here. Don't waste your time or effort Unless you pay up you won't be able to interact.

Only met 2 women off this site, they were amazing. You get messages from fake profiles all the time, women dont respond to messages even if you offer exactly what they want. They are tyre kickers, just time wasters January 2nd Update: As mentioned in other reviews this is rubbish.

I have been on and off this site for a few years and only met 3 women.

Adult friend finder Sydney

Admittedly those I met we There are hundreds of fake profiles on this site; even though this site offers dating other than the censored obvious aspects for those who are after a fling or other than just dating. Unfortunately the way in which this site shows its profiles, it is some times difficult for a new user to decipher which profile is genuine and which aren't. Some will masquerade between both genders. Some will supposedly mistakenly set their genders as either male or female and you'll see their profile pictures to be the opposite of their gender choices.

Yep all these online dating sites are a scam if there was 1 trusted 1 that was real we would spend money on it what a waste of time back to the pub for a beer and i hope i meet a nice girl there 'hahaahhahahaah dont think so : good luck. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Aussie Adult Friend Finder. Write a review Ask a question.

Adult friend finder Sydney

Sort by: Newest. Review rating. Incentivised Review. Interested in. Real Life Meetup. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Ease of Use. Incentivised Review No. Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview. Consumer Rights 4 reviews 10 likes. edit card. I do this, begrudgingly. I then had to explain the machinations of the profile. That is to say, my partner is in country A and I am in country B and we are having an open relationship. Once I verified the they demanded my partner call them, live on a telephone.

She did, and still not persuaded of the legitimacy of her word requested her to scan her ID and drivers ! Can you actually believe what you are reading right now!? Their throw away line was, " you were randomly chosen to verify your.

There actions regarding this matter can Adult friend finder Sydney be moral or constitutional. Moreover, when I explained to them the displeasure of having my personal life invaded in this manner, they never got back to me nor did they reinstate myor reimburse me the monies that I paid for a service I never received as in the agreement.

It has cost me, two hundred dollars, I hope from your support and by spreading this, that this review costs them millions of dollars. They are scammers, cheats and run an organization that is neither moral or constitutional.

Adult friend finder Sydney

Other Online Dating Sites. The truth about AFF. See all answers. This site is crap. Remo Perth, WA 2 reviews 1 like. Absolute scam. Bran Sydney. Adultfrienffinder is useless and there is a proof that girls there are mostly fake and paid members. This Site is a waste of time and your money. Just forget them. Agrona 3 reviews 9 likes. Bunch of nutcases running amok. J-Man Sydney 28 reviews 28 likes. Worst dating site ever!!! re awesome.

Lo of fakes and men pretending to be women A site to avoid unless you have lo of cash and don't mind paying through the nose for a membership. Better money going to a brothel. Your guaranteed to get laid.

Adult friend finder Sydney

The 2 women I met were exceptional! Too many fake women, women from other countries sending fake messages and the list goes on Milord DuffyACT reviews likes. This is the worst dating website I have ever been to period. ust say that I have been conned by some one from this site and as such I will tell you, that you need to do your research well; and at the time when I ed up which was many years ago; I was conned and literally became rather emotionally off-balanced due to the way in which I was approached. It starts off with the profile, Adult friend finder Sydney pictures; and then the communication; and that in itself creates an environment when you become socially inept to make proper decisions.

It becomes clouded because some one who claims to be some thing that they are not. I found a profile that claimed to be in Tamworth but later found out that the person was in Africa You as the reader who is reading this, might experience something different, but its not say that it won't happen. Once you become clouded in judgment then it just becomes easy to trick your mind and your sense of integrity as well as self-worth. I would not bother with this website again and I have personally found some sense of reality and at least in a proper relationship Mr Midknight asked 12 months ago.

Mr Midknight 12 months ago.

Adult friend finder Sydney

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